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Product Description

Experience  prototype Material on line
We have experience and competitive prices for the following material CNC lathe, sheet metal process small quantity or mass production.
Alumilum:D16, 6061,6067,7075 2571
     H13/S136/NAK80 48-52HRC


Surface treatment
You also can find the following surface treatment from our product list:
Sandblasting/ Multicolor Anodizing / Hard Anodizing / Chroming / Polishing/  Powder Coating /Brushing /Electropolishing/Blackening /Galvanized 


Our machine includes:
1. CNC machine
2. CNC turning 
3. CNC thread turning
4. Lathe 
5. Sheet metal bending machine 
6. Lather cutting machine
7. Weld machine 
8. Stamping machine

Our advantage:
1.24 hours response on the quotation 
2.100% on-time delivery 
3. Experienced professional engineers track the project process.
4. Competitive price 
5. One-stop solution on all plastic, metal, silicone, and brass.
6. One-stop solution for CNC production process and surface treatment, logo print. 
7. Easy understanding and communication, clear photo, and one-time update keep your peace of mind on point.


If you want to make a product, do you need to provide a 3D drawing?
1. Yes, if you have a 3D drawing, it will be much help.
2. But also if you have a sample photo, a simple sketch.


Delivery Time:

**24-48hours for any RFQ
** 3-5days for small qty CNC machined component and prototype
**4 weeks for all injection moulds which sizes smaller than 450*450mm
**5-6 weeks for all injection mould which size smaller than 800*800mm
** DHL Fedex express sample 4-7days to CHINAMFG

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After-sales Service: 3 Years
Warranty: 3 Years
Condition: New
Certification: SGS
Customized: Customized


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China Best Sales Guangdong Plastic Moulds Auto Car Spare Parts Plastic Injection Molding Service Molded CHINAMFG  China Best Sales Guangdong Plastic Moulds Auto Car Spare Parts Plastic Injection Molding Service Molded CHINAMFG
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