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Electronic power combination lock

9510 work manual
Colour:Silver(vertical type)

Battery install:
For your first use, please insert emergency power(9V) into DC9V socket. Press 0 button, then press OK button, when you hear a long “di” sound, rotate the knob clockwise from “LOCK” position to “OPEN” position to open the door.
When the door is opened, please install 4 pieces double A batteries (No.5 battery) into the battery holder inside the cabinet. Then remove the emergency power supplier for backup.

How to set new password:
Passwords can be consisted of 1-15 digits,and it can be long-term preservation under power failure condition.
When your first time to set up a new password, please press “0” button(factory defaulted pass word is “0”) press “C” buttonpress the new password (e.g. 12345678)press “OK” button. Then the buzzer will emit a long “di” sound, which means the new password come into force.
Summary of new password setting:press the old passwordpress “C” button press new passwordpress “OK” button  new password comes into force.

How to open the door:press passwordpress “OK” button Rotate the knob.
When you press password on the keyboards, every time you press a number, the buzzer will emit “di” and at the same time the indicator light shines, that means the input is valid. After pressing the password, please press “OK” button. If the password pressed in correct, the indicator light will be on and buzzer will emit a long “di” sound. Then you can rotate the knob clockwise from “LOCK” position to “OPEN” position to open the door. If you don’t rotate the knob before the indicator light turns off, it needs to press the password again to open the lock. If the password is wrong, the buzzer will emit 2 “di di” sound, please press the right pass.

How to lock the door:
Rotate the knob anti-clockwise from “OPEN” position to “LOCK” position to lock the door..

Automatic alarm device:
If there are 4 times consecutive input errors,lock will give out the alarm, which will continue for +0 seconds. During these 60 seconds,if you press the correct password, the alarm will stop. This function can prevent others to crack the password.

The electricity shortage prompt:
When electricity is shortage, the buzzer will emit 3 “di di di” sound. But you still can operate the lock
around 300 time since the lock emit 3 “di di di” prompt from the first time. Please prepare and change
the battery as soon as possible. (Generally,  ordinary zinc-manganese batteries are available for about
one year, ordinary alkaline batteries are available for about 2 years.)

The use of emergency power:
If the lock can’t be opened due to the electricity shortage,please insert emergency power(9V) into DC9V socket to open the lock, then please change the battery immediately. Please remove emergency power once the door is opened, otherwise the battery will be depleted within 24 hours. 

Emergency decoding:
If you forget the password, please contact your direct supplier for decoding (master password). Once the lock is open, please press the RESET button at the back of lock. When the buzzer emit a long “di”, it means the lock succeed to restore to factory password “0” .


Type: Electronic
Design: Button
Material: Alloy
Suitable for: Document Cabinet
Customized: Customized
Usage: Commercial, Household, Industrial


Type: Electronic
Design: Button
Material: Alloy
Suitable for: Document Cabinet
Customized: Customized
Usage: Commercial, Household, Industrial



Power Lock Actuator Problems

Having a power lock installed in your vehicle is an extremely usef”ul tool, allowing you to lock the doors while parked. Having a power lock in your car also allows you to unlock the doors when you want to leave, which is extremely useful when you have small children or pets in the vehicle.
locking assembly

Body controllers dictate the locking and unlocking of power door locks

Using the power door locks of your choice, it is possible to lock or unlock your vehicle without ever having to touch your keys. However, that isn’t the case for every driver. In fact, some motorists are so enthralled by their power door locks that they are oblivious to the fact that the doors are locked until they slam their brake pedal. The body controllers on the other hand take care of that problem – and many more – for you. It even manages to keep your interior lights on while you’re cruising down the highway. In short, the body controller is the best thing to have in your car. Moreover, it can be reprogrammed to do all of your power door locks in one fell swoop. A few years back, this was a feat in and of itself, but in this day and age of driverless cars, it has become a necessity.
The body controller is the brains behind the power door locks of your choice, as well as the vehicle security systems. It even manages to keep your interior illuminated even as you make a beeline for the nearest gas station. The body controller even keeps track of which doors are open and which are locked. It can also be used to remotely control other door locks via the same key fob or via a wireless remote, in the event you need to unlock a specific door. It even manages to do all this with the minimal intrusion to your wallet. And if you’re one of the lucky few, it even offers an onboard diagnostics center, a feature that many competing brands aren’t so keen on.

Actuator motors

Using the right parts from the right suppliers can ensure that your power lock actuator will last you a lifetime. The cost of replacement parts is a fraction of the cost of a new car. A new power lock actuator will give you the confidence that your family and your valuable possessions will be safe from the vagaries of life. The best part is that your car will be the envy of the neighborhood. After you’ve made the purchase, a few minutes of the requisite chitchat is all it will take to get the job done.
You’ll be well on your way to the happy ever after in no time. Taking the time to test the power door actuator may be well worth the time and the effort. After all, a new vehicle is an investment in your life, not to mention the resale value of your possessions. Unlike the old school, the power door actuator is located in the driver’s side of your vehicle and the power door is inaccessible from the front passenger door. You can even opt to have it mounted in the trunk for easy access during those emergency road trips. The power door actuator is a small but mighty machine. Besides, your family and your belongings are safe from the scoundrels in the back seat. Keeping your family safe and secure is important whether it’s a quick stop at the coffee shop or a day out at the beach. Getting the best power door actuator is the best way to keep your loved ones safe from the scoundrels in your vehicle. Having your car in the best condition possible can be the difference between getting a call or having a full night’s sleep.
locking assembly

Faulty switches

Having a faulty power lock switch in your vehicle can lead to an unsafe driving situation. If you notice a faulty power door lock switch in your vehicle, take it to a mechanic for diagnostics. Mechanics can diagnose power door lock switches by testing the electrical connections. If the switch does not transmit the correct levels of power to the door lock actuators, it may be time for a new switch.
Power door locks are controlled by a master switch in the driver’s side door panel. The switch typically fails first. If the switch is faulty, the driver may find that the door will unlock by pressing a button.
Power door locks can fail in three ways. The first and most common way is when the switch’s contacts are worn out. This can cause the switch to lock and unlock rapidly. Another cause is when the switch’s contacts become corroded. The switch can also be damaged from prolonged exposure to rain and snow.
When a door lock switch fails, the driver should stop driving and check the door lock mechanism. If the switch is faulty, the driver should listen for a clicking sound when he tries to open the door.
If the driver’s side switch is faulty, the driver may find that the passenger’s side lock switch is also faulty. The door switch is usually made from plastic. Plastic is prone to wear and corrosion.
If the driver’s side switch has corroded normally closed contacts, the driver may find that the switch on the passenger’s side will also lock and unlock. The switch can also be damaged from prolonged usage.
Mechanics should also check the power relay for voltage and ground. It is important to have the power relay receiving power from the switch and sending the voltage out.

Test if the actuator motor is the issue

Whether your power lock isn’t working, or you’re experiencing some strange noises, it’s a good idea to test if the actuator motor is the problem. If the motor isn’t producing enough current to function, it’s a good idea to replace it.
There are two main types of door locks: those that operate by motors, and those that operate with gears. Those with gears generally make more noise, while those with motors make less noise.
A typical actuator makes a short whirring sound when it’s in normal operation. When it starts to make a grinding sound, that’s a sign that it’s about to fail. If it’s making a louder noise, it’s a sign that the motor is worn out or that the gears are broken.
To check if the actuator motor is the problem, you’ll need to unplug the door lock from the door panel and test the wires. You can use a meter to determine the voltage going to the actuator. You can also use jumper wires to apply a 12 volt power source to the actuator.
If the test results show positive results, you’ll know the actuator is functioning correctly. If the test results are negative, the actuator motor is likely defective. Depending on the model of your vehicle, you may need to remove the door panel to access the actuator.
If the actuator motor is not the problem, you may have a wiring or circuit problem. The problem may be caused by debris or moisture entering the door lock actuator, or the mechanical links in the system may have become weak. You may also have a break in the electrical line. If you don’t know how to fix your door lock, it’s best to consult a professional.
locking assembly

Replace the old actuator motor

Whether you are looking to replace the actuator motor for power lock or are just trying to troubleshoot the problem, there are a few things you can check to help get the lock system working again. The most common complaint is that the power door lock function will not work. In order to fix this, you need to check the connection between the panel and the motor.
There are two ways to test this. The first is to connect a nine-volt battery to the motor. You may have to make a notch in the casing of the motor.
The second way is to connect a test lead to each of the motor’s contact points. You should also test the battery to see if it makes a sound.
The key to success is to make sure you use the correct test leads. If you are not confident in your skills, it may be better to call a professional to do the job for you.
If the test leads show a positive result, the door lock actuator is in good shape. However, you should be able to tell if your motor is working by listening to the motor when it is engaging the lock. If you can hear a noise, you may have a broken lock. If you don’t hear a noise, the motor may be bad or malfunctioning.
If you are looking to replace the actuator motor for power lock, it is a good idea to check for signs of rust. Rust can weaken the mechanical links that hold the door lock in place. It can also cause dust and debris to enter the actuator and interfere with its operation.
China Electronic Power Combination Lock     power lock actuatorChina Electronic Power Combination Lock     power lock actuator
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