China Low Price Parking Lock Barrier,Parking Spot Lock with Good quality

Sort: Carport
Model Quantity: PL01
Warranty: 1 Months Years, 1 Yr
Loading Capacity: 5000kg
Merchandise Title: Parking lock
Material: Aluminum/Plastic
Battery: Storage Batter/Dry Battery/Solar Electricity
Distant Manage Length: 50m
Pace: 3s ~ 6s
Utilization: Parking Lot
Lock can alarm: Of course
Functioning Temperture: -55°~60°
Control: Remote Essential, Application, Software
Packaging Specifics: Carton, Wood Circumstance, Or as customers’ request

Low Price Parking Lock Barrier,Parking Spot Lock
The most price-powerful of the exact same high quality. Item Detail

Product Name Parking lock
Substance Aluminum/Plastic
Battery Storage Batter/Dry Battery/Photo voltaic Electrical power
Remote Manage Distance 50m
Speed 3s ~ 6s
Utilization Parking Whole lot
Lock can alarm Yes
Working Temperture -55°~60°
Handle Distant Crucial, App, Software program
Warranty 1 Year
Merchandise Keywords parking place lock,parking lock barrier
Product Group Solution Groups → View ALL Barrier Gate Advertising Barrier Experience Recognition Tripod Turnstile Flap Barrier Parking Lock Organization Details Company Profile Ankuai Smart Tech Inc. is a National hello-tech business which focuses on R&D, generating and sale all sorts of parking method, barrier gates, turnstiles, velocity gate, advertising barrier gate, bollard etc. Our goods are wildly utilized on different locations, this sort of as airport, resort, China supplier scorching sell 75mm C15710 C11600 C71520 1 kg copper pipe cost in india buying mall, freeway toll gate residence neighborhood, university and so on.Our company has more than 50,000 square CZPT plant, twenty five skilled analysis personnel, a lot more than three hundred experienced personnel, and sophisticated merchandise equipments, so we can supply substantial quality products, safer products and we also can provide OEM, ODM services to fulfill different requires.Until now, we have 73 distributors and 5 sub-businesses which can supply fast local support.As a quickly increasing producer with present day production facility, we preserve obtaining rid of the stale and bring forth the clean to fulfill market specifications and optimize customer’s profits. Because of to skilled R&D staff, sophisticated producing equipments and scientific management, our collection of products with exceptional high quality are offering nicely not only in China but also all more than the entire world. As an ISO certificated firm, till now we have obtained a lot more than a hundred thirty national patents, much a lot more than our competitors, our firm is turning into the leading designer and maker. “Protected access, Fast move” is our slogan. We attempt our greatest to sustain a extended-term, Higher Precision Oil Pump Gerotor Hydraulic Motor Rotor secure and mutual benefit partnership with all associates, and looking CZPT to making miracles via CZPT cooperation with you.
Certifications Packaging & Transport
Intercontinental AIR MAIL
Fast Supply
Distinct quantity of time will be essential for different
Our Advantages WHY Decide on US 60 R&D senior engineers
ODM/OEM No dilemma
High quality Top3 in China
Manufacturing unit 30000m2
If the amount of order is not really massive,we could send them to you by express supply,this sort of as TNT,DHL,UPS OR EMS and many others.
If get is massive ,we will recommend you use Air Transport or Sea Shipping and delivery via your nominated forwarder agent.Our long-phrase cooperated agent also available.
Historical past

FAQFAQs Do you have entire computerized tripod turnstile? Of course. All semi-automatic tripod can be modified to complete automated, there is added fees to do it.
How about your company’s true energy? We are the top 5 in turnstile area in China. We have more than three hundred employees, a R&D group with 60people, 2 workplace and 3 factories. Factories and place of work structures are much more 30000 square CZPT in complete.
How about the high quality of your items? We are in the maximum level of high quality with the most competitive value. We select German, Japanese and domestic guide brand name components to make certain product good quality from the supply. At manufacturing facility, we implement 7S administration to handle production method.
How do you do right after-sale support? We supply lifestyle-time technological innovation help on line, by email messages, video, telephone and many others. We have engineer speaking English, convenient to talk with you straight.
How about the payment approach? Regular items: thirty% deposit, 70% equilibrium payment just before cargo.
How about the direct time? Usually we have stock for the very hot sale types of regular goods.Typical merchandise want 7-ten operating days.The personalized products need fifteen-twenty functioning times.
How long is your warranty time period? A single-calendar year promise & Life-time technology help.
How about your deal? Seaworthy wooden scenario + Foam.
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Checking That Your Power Lock Actuator Is Still Working

Having a power lock in your car is very convenient, as you can easily lock or unlock the doors of your car. It also helps you to get your hands on the keys quickly, especially if you are a driver. However, it is important to check that the door lock actuator is still working properly. There are a number of signs that indicate that it is not working properly.
locking assembly

Body controllers dictate the locking and unlocking of the door lock mechanism

Using the best available power source, a pair of electronic circuitry is hardwired to actuate the door lock mechanism to unlock or lock the door. The aforementioned circuitry is wired to an actuator which in turn is connected by a rod to the top of the door. The power is transferred to the aforementioned actuator through a lock/unlock switch. The same apparatus controls the door occupants during vehicular entry.
There are numerous reasons to be concerned with the door lock mechanism of your automobile. For example, in the interest of a clean and safe operation, the locking mechanism is not always in use. Furthermore, the mechanism is susceptible to the vagaries of human error, especially when the driver in question has been at the wheel for some time. A system designed to prevent such mishaps is a worthwhile investment. This is especially true if the vehicle is equipped with the latest in technological advances. The key to ensuring the best possible outcome is to implement a system that is robust and scalable to a range of configurations.
An ideal system will include a power source, a small circuitry device, a small and nimble actuator and a robust power switch. The key to success is to have an intelligent power management strategy. This can be achieved through the use of sophisticated circuitry, which is a logical extension of the car’s powertrain. A small number of circuits is devoted to the task of locking and unlocking the doors and trunk of the car, while other circuits are dedicated to the task of controlling the contents of the rear compartment. This is the only way to ensure that your prized possessions will be safely contained. The most prudent course of action is to implement a system that is robust, yet user-friendly. Using a door lock assembly of this calibre is the best way to ensure that you get your money’s worth out of your investment. Having an automated system in place will also allow you to avoid the mishaps of the past.
locking assembly

Check for broken wires in the door lock actuator

Using a test light, you can check for broken wires in the door lock actuator. If the device is not working, the electrical connector may be faulty. If the connector is faulty, you may need to replace it.
There are several ways to test for a broken wire in the door lock actuator. You can use a test light, a power probe, or an automotive meter to check for voltage at the electrical connector. You can also use jumper wires to apply 12 volts to the actuator.
One of the most common reasons for a bad door lock system is a faulty wiring harness. This can affect the door controls and trigger an anti-theft alarm. For older vehicles, a relay may be used to power the actuator. If this is your problem, you can have a mechanic replace the wiring system.
If the door lock actuator is working properly, there is usually a visible fuse or relay. If you don’t see these, you may need to replace the control module. A faulty control module will cause your door to lock or unlock randomly.
A door lock actuator is a motor-based device that is located inside the door panel. It is used to unlock and lock your vehicle. It is built into the door latch assembly and is attached by screws or plastic clips. It can malfunction after a long period of use. It can also be visually damaged. It can also be the result of water seeping into the door.
If the door lock actuator is working properly, you should be able to unlock and lock your door with the handle. If it is not working, you may need to replace the actuator or the door handle. If you’re not comfortable repairing or replacing the door lock actuator yourself, you can have a mechanic do the job for you.
For a more comprehensive diagnosis, you can call an automotive specialist. An automotive technician can also replace the wiring system.
If you suspect a broken wire in the door lock actuator, you can test for voltage at the electrical connector. You can also test for a battery-powered voltage toggle.

Symptoms of a bad door lock actuator

Symptoms of a bad door lock actuator are easy to identify, and they can be easily fixed. Whether you are dealing with a door lock that randomly locks, a door lock that will not unlock, or an anti-theft alarm that is triggered, you can easily get rid of this problem.
First, you will need to diagnose the problem. The first thing to do is to look at the door system assembly. A malfunctioning lock system can cause weird noises when you try to open or close the doors. In addition, there may be other issues with the locking system.
Another common symptom is a clicking sound from the door. This indicates that the actuator is receiving power, but there is a grounding issue. This may be caused by debris or moisture leaking inside the door.
Next, check for a broken line. If you have an automotive meter, you can probe the door lock actuator to determine the problem. If you do not have an automotive meter, you can test the power by applying 12 volts to the actuator.
If you suspect that the door lock actuator is defective, you should consider replacing it. This may be the only solution to your problem. Depending on the type of car you drive, you may be able to replace the actuator yourself. However, if the car is older, it may be best to have a professional technician check it.
If you have a manual door lock, you may notice that the door will lock and unlock slightly. Alternatively, you may hear a loud noise coming from inside the door. This is a sign that the mechanical links inside the door lock actuator are damaged. Alternatively, you may believe that the linkage is faulty, but this is not the case.
If you are unsure of how to repair the door lock actuator, you may want to contact a car repair service or your car’s manufacturer. They should be able to provide specific instructions for your car.
If the actuator is causing the door to lock or unlock randomly, you should replace it immediately. It can cause a lot of problems.
locking assembly

Check for a blown fuse

Identifying a blown fuse is a quick and easy fix. If you aren’t sure what to look for, consult your owner’s manual. These manuals will contain a diagram showing where the fuse box is located and which circuits are assigned to each fuse.
Some cars also have additional fuses located under the hood. For cars with complex engineering systems, it is recommended to get a certified mechanic to inspect the fuse.
The fuse is a small piece of wire mounted inside a small ceramic tube. When a current rises above a certain level, the fuse will melt. A blown fuse is often caused by a short circuit. It can also be caused by faulty wiring or defective switches.
A blown fuse can affect your car’s door lock and power windows. It can also interfere with powertrain electronics and chassis electronics. Depending on your vehicle, the fuse can be located in the glove box, under the steering column, or under the hood.
A blown fuse can also cause problems with your car’s electric side mirrors and windshield wipers. If you notice a gap between the wire and the fuse, this is a sign that your fuse has blown.
Using a multimeter to check for a blown fuse is a simple and effective method of identifying a problem. To use a multimeter, connect the lead on one end of the fuse to the positive terminal on the multimeter and the other end of the fuse to the negative terminal.
The multimeter will then show the voltage and resistance of the fuse. If the fuse has a reading between 0 and 5 Ohms, it is a good fuse. If the fuse has a reading that is higher than 5 Ohms, it is a bad fuse.
Before testing the fuse, make sure you turn off the power source. If the fuse is blown, a current will flow through the fuse and cause damage to the wiring.
When you have identified a blown fuse, it is important to replace it with the same amperage fuse. If you do not know where to buy replacement fuses, it may be easier to get a fuse from a local auto parts store.
China Low Price Parking Lock Barrier,Parking Spot Lock     with Good quality China Low Price Parking Lock Barrier,Parking Spot Lock     with Good quality
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