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Merchandise Description

CZPT Lock CZPT age
thirty% a lot more locking CZPT
Considerably less energy for much more CZPT
More quickly motion
Decreases energy for operator
We are expert on production livestock tools, and CZPT merchandise are effectively approved in Australia, CZPT pe and CZPT ic for their very good quality and aggressive pricing.

The Ambassador Cattle Crush is a basic objective crush with totally adjustale neck yoke, fall down rump bar, and total accessibility gates. CZPT for horned cattle.

Suitable for all breeds from approximately 350kg up to 1000kg.

MARINK is effectively acknowledged for its punctual supply, excellet creation qualiity and above alll aggressive costs. We are a single of the foremost producers for livestock equipments which includes sheep hurdles, hay baskets and associated fitting elements. The information are as subsequent:

one. Cattle Panels(Hurdles), Cattle Crush
two. 7 Rail Galvanized Interlocking hurdles
three. Farrowing Crates
four. Gates- Ashcombe Gates, Century Gate, Cattle Yard Gates, Gate Posts and etc.
5. Calf Creep Feeders, Troughs and Feeders and etc.
six. Steel Fence
seven. Hay Baskets
eight. Mini transporter/dumper
9. Misc-Drop Over Frames, Coupling Rod, Sliding Bolts,Hing Hook, Eye Bolts, Clamps and etc.

We are happy to generate the initiatives according to your drawings and the samples are CZPT on your request.



china  near me shop Cattle Crush Power Lock Linkage manufacturers