China supplier Bottle Cap Injection Molding Plastic Moulding Parts Electronic Auto Part Molded

Product Description


Raw Materials ABS, PP, PC, PA66+30GF, PVC, POM, TPE, TPV,  ASA and so on
Die steel P20,P20HH ,H13,420 ,2344,2311
Mold NO. Plastic Injection Moldings
Injection Molding Machine Single color,double injection
Hot-runner Mold-Master, Incoe, Yudo, Hasco, D.M.E., Husky and so on
Surface Treatment Polishing,Mirrror Polishing,Sand Blasting,Painting and so on
Mold Base LKM,HASCO, DME and so on
Runner Hot Runner\Cold Runner
Trademark Customized
Design Software Auto CAD,UG,Pro-E
Certification TS16949,ISO9001
Transport Packet Wooden Box or Carton Box
Production Capacity 500 sets/year molds
Color Can be customized
Mold Processing Equipment CNC,EDM,Wire cutting,Drill hole machine,Grinding machine,Milling machine,Turning-lathe,Crane,CMM machine,2D projector,Engraving machine,Fitting machine,Injection machine

Be able to product Plastic Injection Mold,Plastic Mould,Plastic Tooling,Plastic Part,Plastic Cover,Die Casting,CNC Machining,Plastic Mold,Injection Moulding,Rapid Mold & Prototyping.

Die structure

Mold base Hot runner/ Cold sprue  Cavity Core
Water line/Cooling system Slider/Cam Lifter Ejector pin


Q1:How large is your company?
A1:There are about 6000 square CHINAMFG for our workshop.

Q2:How long do you evaluate the price after you receive the RFQ?
A2:Normal we provide the quotation to the customer in 3 working days; if the project is very urgently, then we will try our best to provide it within 1 day.

Q3:What type of molds, sizes and weight can you build?
A3:Leading productions are Auto Parts (such as lens, housing and cover components), Building Parts, Electronics parts, Home Appliance and Medical Equipment. The max size of mold we made can be 2000x300x300(cm) and max weight can be 15T.

Q4:Did your factory past any Management System?
A4:Yes, we have. We have held ISO9001 Version 2000/TS16949

Q5:How many employees are there in your factory?
A5:There are about 150 employees in our factory.
Q6:What are you professionalizing in mold making?
 A6:Our leading product is the Auto Part, Electronics part.

Delivery service
     We will pack the mould with an insecticidal wood case, and fix it with iron frame.Then we will put the electrodes and the spare parts which are easy damaged into the wood case together and will send all the related drawings of Mould, Data and Steel Certifications together with the moulds.

Product after-sales problem
    First, we will check the problem and analyze all kind of reasons. If it is our fault, we will pay all the cost without any bargain or remake the new component or mold to the customer. If it is both problem, then both take the responsibility. If it is the customer’s problem, then the customer should take it.

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Warranty: 1year
Shaping Mode: Injection Mould
Surface Finish Process: Mirror Polishing
Mould Cavity: Single Cavity
Plastic Material: TPE
Process Combination Type: Single-Process Mode
US$ 0.1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




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China supplier Bottle Cap Injection Molding Plastic Moulding Parts Electronic Auto Part Molded  China supplier Bottle Cap Injection Molding Plastic Moulding Parts Electronic Auto Part Molded
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