Product Description

MD4 intelligent lock battery CZPT keyboard biometric glass door lock 

Product Description
The MD4 is a wireless smart lock package for glass door use, it involves wi-fi keypad (metal, water-proof) + wireless lock + two remote transmitters.  433MHz rolling code of encryption algorithm and the split layout assure increased-protected.

Specialized Specification:

 Product Parameter  Description
 User Capacity  500
 PIN Size  4-8 Digits
 Card Type  125KHz EM Card
 Operating Voltage 
 Wireless Keypad  3 models of CZPT batteries
 Wireless Lock  4 models of AA batteries
 Remote Transmitter  1 unit of 2032 CZPT ium battery
 Idle Present  All objects < 10uA
 Working Current 
 Wireless Keypad  < 50mA
 Wireless Lock  < 42mA
 Remote Transmitter  < 3mA
 Communication Frequency  433MHz
 Communication Length  50m CZPT imum
 Operating Temperature 
 Wireless Keypad  -40°C∼+60°C (-40°F∼+140°F)
 Wireless Lock  -20°C∼+60°C (-4°F∼+140°F)
 Operating Humidity  0%~86%RH
 Wireless Lock  Zinc-Alloy 
 Wireless Keypad  Zinc-Alloy (IP66)
 Remote Transmitter  ABS
 Wireless Keypad  L148 x W56 x D22.5(mm)
 Wireless Lock  L186 x W122 x D26(mm)
 Remote Transmitter  L62 x W30 x D11.5(mm)
 Unit CZPT ght 
 Wireless Keypad  250g
 Wireless Lock  800g
 Remote Transmitter  25g/pc

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