China wholesaler Custom Molded ABS Plastic Part Production Fabricaion

Product Description

We manufacture and export CHINAMFG and toolings to USA, Canada and European countries.

Use different kinds of Thermoplastic material as requirement,
include of gerneral plastic, engineering plastic, hard/rigid, soft, UV-resistnat, Glass-Fiber reinforced, clear, electronic conductive, food grade and so on.


General Plastic Parts Enginnering Components Gear
Assembly CNC Machining Threaded Bushes
Polyurethane ABS mould and Parts Flexible plastic
Haircell Textured Ultrasonic Welding Crystal Clear
Ball Large item TPE
UV-resistant Electronic Conductive Food Touch


Upto 1000mm


Food Industry Auto Construction Furniture Household Consume Electronic Energy Medical

China EXACT Plastic Co., Ltd. has our own plastic injection plant, covers 3,000 square CHINAMFG area. Has 20sets of plastic injection molding machines from 8ton to 800ton that can produce CHINAMFG from 1-8000 gram per piece.

We manufacture and export Plastic Products to USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, South Korea, Australia and Poland etc.

The commonly used material: ABS, Nylon, HIPS, HDPE, LDPE, TPR, PVC… 


Industry Glass Floor Tiles
Auto Mining Daily Use
Construction Transport Garden Tools
Furniture Pet Health

About Mould/Tooling

We have our own molds plant. Our mold engineers have skill of using UG, PRO/e, SolidWorks, CAD and other 3D design software to design the molds. We have Large CNC machining centers, CNC engraving machines, EDM spark molding machines and Line cutting machines etc to produce the molds.


China EXACT Plastic Co., Ltd. Passed ISO9001:2008. We also can supply products with SGS or FDA, TUV, CE testing report.

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Material: ABS
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
Surface: Glossy Shinny Smooth / Matt / Texture
Shaping Mode: Injection Mould
Plastic Material: Thermoplastic
Design Software: 3D, 2D


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China wholesaler Custom Molded ABS Plastic Part Production Fabricaion  China wholesaler Custom Molded ABS Plastic Part Production Fabricaion
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